Dana Harper Photography Nature Aurora Borealis May 10/11th 2024

Aurora Borealis May 10/11th 2024

This was my first time seeing the Northern Lights and it was an absolutely magical night! As soon as the sun went down I drove out of London, Ontario on the lookout for aurora and to my surprise as soon as I got away from the city lights I could see the show from my car window! I pulled over on a backroad somewhere in Ilderton and started shooting. I was totally in awe of what my camera could pick up, it was even more dazzling than what you could see with the naked eye. The show just kept going so I decided to drive to one of my favorite Provincial Parks, the Pinery. I stopped along the way on the side of the road for more shots. There were people all over the countryside observing the incredible natural phenomena. It was truly awe-inspiring and just amazing that so many people across the world were able to witness it! So anyway, here are my favourite photos that I shot between London, Ontario and Lambton Shores (click on them for full size):

These were shot on my Nikon Z6II on a tripod at 24mm, f4, 1600iso, with a 10-15 sec. exposure and edited in Adobe Lightroom. You can see more on of my travels on my personal @wanderingdana Instagram page.

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